We offer a wide palette of analytics services, from simple data analysis to advanced modeling.
The existing analytics and AI models that we have developed can be commercially licensed, notably in eCommerce, text analytics and predictive modeling. We keep building new models and techs to extract more insights from data and make our work easier or faster, and we can develop custom algorithms to solve specific challenges of our business partners and customers.

E-Commerce Super Intelligence

eCommerce is a strategic retail channel for most B2C companies. It is a new field which requires adapting how products and services are presented to grow market share. Nothing was available to guide business teams on the matter until we deployed our eCommerce Super Intelligence. This Super Intelligence is basically an artificial intelligence that takes product positioning and predicts its category market share in eCommerce. It can be used to explore what works and what doesn’t work in a particular product category or segment, and also to optimize eCom assets and even pre-test new product ideas. Model accuracy is high, with ± 0.54% error range on market share predictions. Because we have worked with some of the brightest AI experts to achieve the best possible business/data engineering, and because the model was built using a fresh dataset of over 1 million products.

Predictive Sales Modeling

New product launches often carry high market and CapEx risk, but their success likelihood is on average as low as a coin flip. Market success is difficult to achieve, let alone to predict. To mitigate this risk, we use a proprietary model to most accurately predict new product sales. The model has a high level of accuracy thanks to its robust assumptions and extensive validation. The inputs required for the model are kept to a minimum so that it doesn’t become a burden for business teams. This way, everyone in the organization can focus on making new product launches bigger rather than make precisely false assumptions to feed the model.


In a fast-paced business environment, being able to get and act upon information faster can create a distinctive advantage vs. competitors. This is why we have developed a dashboarding solution which is versatile and easy to use for business teams. Ubiquitous insights, with custom data access and visualizations for everyone in the organization, enable teams to collaborate most effectively and give their best. The core technology we use, Apache Superset, was originally developed as an open-source project by AirBnB to meet their data visualization needs, and we further extended it with extra features like significance testing, custom filters and extracts.


Sound analytics take skills and time. We can help with both aspects. We have already helped numerous teams make sense of raw/unexploited data, connect different pieces of data to gain insights, and prepared advanced data visualizations. We even created a predictive model that was embedded in a commercial service by one of our B2B customer who wanted to extract value from their data. Our strength in these projects is our ability to work at the conjunction of programming and business strategy.