Business questions become increasingly complex. At the same time there is a fast-paced multiplication of data, data sources and research technologies. We help customers leverage what’s best from applied cognitive science to predictive behavior modelling to build applicable knowledge. Balancing budget, risk and speed.
We listen first
It sounds trivial, but it’s not. Our ability to understand business issues enables us to turn our expertise into practical solutions. Because every business situation is unique, we deliver what our customers need, 100% of the time.
We use the relevant Research Frameworks and Technologies
to get to the best possible insights, drawing from: Behavioral and Cognitive Science | Game Theory | Biometrics | Software (dashboards, statistics, AI).
We provide practical business recommendations
Analysis is important, but synthesis is what makes recommendations applicable for customers. Because 100% of winning strategies have been implemented in the first place.

We accompany our customers in their journey through innovation, from insights discovery, ideas generation, screening and development until in-market activation.

We offer a wide palette of analytics services, from simple data analysis to advanced modeling.
We use a wide range of unique frameworks and technologies derived from cognitive science, behavioral economics, game theory, applied statistics, artificial intelligence, and cryptography.