Press Release. Automated Data Analysis for Everyone.

Corseaux, Switzerland – 1 November 2022 – Innovation Atelier SA has launched a simple SaaS app that automates data analysis for everyone, presented at WebSummit 2022. is an intuitive and easy-to-use SaaS app that automates data analysis and charts production from raw data files. It takes raw data and returns intuitive data visualizations, viewable online and easily exportable to Microsoft Office formats.

Chartomat saves time, efforts and money, so managers can do more with less.

Chartomat was developed with focus on intuitiveness and speed for users. Advanced capabilities that would be appealing to data scientists are available through the app, but they are provided as options, so that complexity is abstracted away for casual users.

It takes 2 clicks to get a PPTX with vivid charts from raw data frames.

The app provides the ability to deliver a selection of the most meaningful charts from any dataset automatically with just 2 clicks: import data file, export charts to Microsoft Office. A 5-year-old could use Chartomat and edge data analysis.

Seasoned analysts love Chartomat advanced capabilities.

Data analysts can add significance testing at their desired significance level in the outputs. They can increase the number of data visualizations to widen exploration scope, and extend the scope of the automated analysis by adding keywords that are important to their analysis objectives. They may also prefer to get data tables rather than charts. All of that is possible with Chartomat.

The app provides the ability to manually select variables of interest to analyze and hosts open-source libraries to conduct quick EDA.

Chartomat uses machine learning and analysis heuristics. uses machine learning and analysis heuristics to automatically select meaningful observations in the data and render them into crisp data visualizations.

The data model used in the V1.0 algorithm of the app is based on the data that Innovation Atelier has been collecting over the past decade through various surveys and tools. This makes this first iteration of app just launched most suitable to discrete, non-temporal numeric data.

Analysis heuristics represents the best analysis approaches as well as the analyst’s intuition. The app uses these human heuristics that analysts apply when they are confronted to a new dataset, and formalize them into a set of operations on the data.

Development is on its way to extend the data model, improve the ML algorithm and add new features to the app.

It’s currently free to use, for a limited period of time. unlimited plan is free to use! We want to encourage early pioneers to play with the app and try out its functionalities. The app is still in alpha, so early users may encounter some bugs which we would love to list for improvement for the next version of the product.


The story of Chartomat begins in 2019, as we were looking to streamline our charts production internal processes. That task would typically be outsourced by research institutes to offer competitively priced services to their clients in developed economies. We were handling analysis in-home, which was providing high quality outputs for our clients, but it was equally putting pressure on our data scientist team.

We thought: why pre-select every chart and extract them one by one, when we could just extract all combinations of variables and pick the most meaningful charts? This way we could automate chart production and focus on insights. But our research typically contains dozens of variables, so combining them all pairwise would produce too many charts to handle for our team.

So, we started exploring how we could be smart with data and use machine learning to pre-select the charts that would have most potential value for analysis and reporting. After some optimization we had found a way to cut over 60% of the time dedicated to charting.

We found a way to cut over 60% of the time dedicated to charting, and we now provide this capability in a SaaS app.

As we started relying on the tool more and more internally, we realized that it could help many other managers and researchers across organizations. We built V0.1 of in 2021, a pure R-Shiny app that we tested with friends and business partners free of charge.

“Why did nobody else think of that before?”

The positive feedback encouraged us to scale the tech and the infrastructure, and provide it as a SaaS app.

Contact : Laurent Rochat

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