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Press release. Engineering eCommerce success with the help of artificial intelligence.

Engineering eCommerce success with the help of artificial intelligence

GENEVA, Switzerland – 15 August 2018 – Innovation Atelier Ltd, an innovative marketing insights and analytics company, has completed the deployment of a super intelligence platform for product positioning and assets optimization in eCommerce. 

It provides new insights to marketing and sales organizations looking to radically improve their performance in eCommerce.

The platform fills a gap we observed across industries and countries

We have talked to a wide variety of people across countries, industries, departments and hierarchical levels, and what we heard was unequivocal. All note that winning in eCommerce is a core component of their growth strategy. All find it challenging to get concrete insights on this channel as it is new, it requires different strategies and processes than other businesses, and very few reliable tools are available to help.

The idea was born to develop a solution to help business teams optimize product positioning in eCommerce with a simple tool based on rock-solid modelling. 

The tech is a product of mixing machine learning mastery with retail knowledge

We gathered a fresh dataset with over 1 Mio products from a major eCommerce retailer over H1 ’18. 

The data was pre-processed applying business/retail understanding into the raw data with feature engineering. Deep learning modules from Stanford/Google Brain and Facebook AI research were applied and wrapped into our own deep learning model to predict product market share.

The accuracy obtained is stunning, with a +/- 0.5% error margin on market share projections.

The tech is unique in many ways

The platform is so easy that a 5-years old could use it 

The model has been integrated into a seamless front-end that is focused on ease of use.

Anyone can play on the platform to assess what is important and what is not in specific product categories or segments, or simulate the market share impact of changes to the lead picture of a product, its title, description or price, among others.

The platform can also be used to get a first assessment for new product ideas.

About Innovation Atelier Ltd (www.innovationatelier.com)

Innovation Atelier Ltd is an international marketing insights & analytics company founded in 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company differentiates itself by its development and use of unique technologies to gain insights on consumer behaviour. We have used biometric as well as cognitive technologies, game theory, and even piloted blockchain-based research to provide superior consumer insights.

We have earned the trust from multinational companies and start-ups alike, and we pride ourselves on working with L’Oréal, Nestlé, Nespresso, Logitech, Henkel and Carrefour, to name a just few. 

Contact : Laurent Rochat – moc.reiletanoitavonni@tnerual

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