Innovation Atelier’s releases Smart Insights on Demand (SIoD).

SIoD: Meaningful Insights, Fast & Hassle-Free.

As the innovative marketing insights and analytics company that we love to be, we are thrilled to announce the roll-out of our new professional customized research service:  Smart Insights on Demand (SIoD).

This new, remarkably efficient analytics solution targets firms and organizations that demand concise, rapid consumer feedback to make consumer-based decisions. And if that is great, it only gets better because Smart Insights on Demand provides, top quality insights in record time, and it does so inexpensively and with zero workload.


The deal is simple: 3 Questions, 3 Answers, 3 Days

Just as it sounds: Give us 3 questions and you’ll get 3 answers in 3 days.

It is that simple.

The very definition of simplicity. And efficiency.

We’ll take care of all operations in-between, from translating and processing your questions and gathering feedback with a quantitative grade sample (N=250) to clean process the data and communicate the results with clear, vivid visualizations. Not bad. And yet here is some more good news: any question can be asked.

We will not shy away from any business demand as long as it effectively helps address the challenge(s) at hand. Once the request is assessed, we will expertly dive into it to bring you back, in three days, the most truthful insights.

Simply send us your questions and receive a nicely formatted deck with superior, meaningful answers.

Yes, that is correct: 3 days later.


Traditional Consumer Research is slow and costly

Consumer research can be instrumental in providing foundational business insights like understanding behavioral drivers, identifying unmet needs or designing value propositions that will delight consumers. No small potatoes. However, traditional approaches are very often expensive and too slow to meet organizations’ needs for insights when they are called for sound decision making.

This is why the most agile business have turned to DIY approaches with the intention to feed decision making in a timely manner while delivering budget savings. A smart move, but then many bump into some… unkind reality, that is.

Computer screen displaying complex lines of code
Most organizations are ill-equipped or under-staffed to internalize consumer research

Good DIY research requires expertise and a hell lot of work

The use of DIY approaches has, as you may have guessed, proven to have two significant shortcomings.

  • In some organizations, expertise to design effective/unbiased surveys is simply lacking. This, as one could and should expect, leads to erroneous data and, by extension, to erroneous business decisions. Exactly: not ideal.
  • Most organizations have ended up spending too much time on low value-added work to just deal with the operational part of these approaches. Again, ultimately, not the greatest of time investments.


Our Solution: Smart Insights on Demand

Something had to be done and, ladies and gentlemen, have we not! Enter Smart Insights on Demand and we now are in the position to deliver -as you are in the position to obtain- the very exact answers that are needed to enable decision making, super fast, with little budget and no extra organizational load. Everyone wins: spot-on, fast, and affordable.

To make this possible, we have thoroughly challenged the insights generation process and redesigned the entire value proposition by:

  1. Leveraging advanced data collection and modular automation technologies.
  2. Scaling up our unique expertise in answering exotic questions with tailored research.
Accurate, meaningful, easy and clear data visualization
Smooth, top quality insights delivered fast and hassle-free.

But the solution is not only about generating efficiencies and cutting lead times. It opens up an entirely new space of seamless consumer feedback that can be integrated into any business process from innovation development, product/pack changes, communication optimization or performance tracking. You name it.

Does it look like a solution for you?

We can’t wait to hear your questions, and bring you Meaningful Answers, Fast and Hassle Free.

Get in touch!

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