We use a wide range of unique frameworks and technologies derived from cognitive science, behavioral economics, game theory, applied statistics, artificial intelligence, and cryptography.

Behavioral Economics Framework

A proprietary framework to interpret consumer behavior.

E-Commerce Super Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence that estimates products market share based on their presentation in eCommerce.

E-Commerce Simulation Platform

Research platform to create realistic eCommerce environments and make simulations.

In-Store Tracking Tech

Technology that tracks shopper path, attention and purchases in brick-and-mortar stores.

Webcam-Based Emotions Decoding

Technology that measures live emotional reactions from a simple webcam.

Implicit Associations Tech

Technology to assess unconscious associations with brands, concepts, visuals, or anything else.

Auction-Based Screening Tech

Research technique based on auction design theory to get high predictive-power in front-end Innovation screening.

Mobile Ethnography

App to seamlessly capture content generated by consumers in text, voice and video formats.

Sales Prediction Model

Proprietary predictive model to estimate sales based on consumer testing and activation plans.

Data Visualization Platform

Technology forked from AirBnB, adapted and extended to meet our needs.

Blockchain-Based Data Collection

A decentralized technology enabling GDPR compliance in an intermediary-free data market.

Advanced Text Analytics

Collection of Machine Learning Algorithms to gain insights from textual data beyond sentiment.