Breakthrough Consumer & Shopper Insights From Behavioral Economics (Quantitative, Qualitative, Worldwide)

Building Trust & Loyalty in Retail: What Swiss Retailer Migros is Doing Right

  As in previous years, Migros has lead grocery retail...
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New: We Accept Bitcoin!

          We are THE FIRST MARKETING...
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What to Measure to Understand Consumer Choices?

  Marketing research often measures consumer attitudes to understand purchase...
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What drives consumer choices may not be what research measures…

Understanding irrationality keeps us busy at Innovation Atelier! Setting-up an...
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Behavioral Economics in Consumer Research

Innovation Atelier’s journey in Behavioral Economics started in 2011, as...
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Modelling mature FMCG categories penetration and purchase frequency dynamics

This summarizes a research paper presented at the International System...
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The “referendum syndrome” in Innovation Research

In a provocative article published in Innovation Marketing in 2008,...
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How to adapt quantitative research to the human brain

In an excellent paper that won the silver award for...
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Fostering Innovation with Time Off

Back in 2005, Marissa Mayer, Google’s Vice President of Search...
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Business Insights from Paul Bulke, CEO of Nestlé

There are days like this when it feels one are...
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On the types of innovation

When one thinks “innovation”, the first names that come to...
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On the Economic Concept of Time

“Time is money” as Benjamin Franklin once said. This is...
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