Optimizing Go-to-Market Strategy, Blazing Fast

A leading global Beauty product company was looking to roll-out a restage of one of its prominent Hair Care brand in Switzerland. Switzerland was a priority 2 market, and it would have been inconceivable to conduct full-fledged research locally, especially considering the speed to market of the launch.

The restage involved a new sustainably-sourced packaging, and each country has specificities when it comes to environmental and social consciousness, and getting a grasp of local tastes and perceptions could really mark the difference between success and failure of the go-to-market plans.

We used our Smart Insights on Demand methodology to provide a comprehensive review of the drivers and barriers towards sustainable products in Hair care in the different linguistic regions of Switzerland. We worked with the team as consultants to help short-list the key challenges the team was facing in preparing the go-to-market strategy for the restage, and tailor a study addressing precisely those challenges.

In just over a week, the team working on the project was able to prioritize and localize the key message for the restage to effectively build on drivers and address barriers, get guidance on how to engage with Swiss retailers and on the shelf-price to recommend locally. And they could use some of the money saved in research as extra support for the launch.

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